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My New Gig

25 Sep

Hi guys!

I’m now the lead writer for’s new “Encore” blog about retirement, which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while.  Check out “Encore” here and let me know your thoughts!



10 things your boss won’t tell you

1 Mar

It’s no coincidence that B-O-S-S and W-O-R-K are both four-letter words. I mean, let’s face it, waking up before 10 (for any reason!) is so not fun, and doing it only to then get told what to do by someone who shouldn’t be allowed to manage his own wardrobe, let alone a group of employees, is even worse! (OK, I know most of you don’t have it that bad, but even for the ladies with those amazing jobs in fashion or TV, the getting out of bed – hasn’t your boss every heard of sleeping off the occasional martini hangover?! – and having to do what you’re told can be sooo annoying!)

Well, guess what:  It gets worse. Turns out, your boss is doing some rather, um, pesky (and by “pesky,” I mean horrible, cruel and beyond-irritating) things like reading your IMs, paying prettier women more than the average-looking women and secretly taking all the credit for your work.  And that’s just the beginning.  Check out my new Smart Money piece, “10 things the boss won’t tell you.”


Save BIG for spring break!

1 Mar

Um, it was my new year’s resolution to post on this blog more. And seeing how it’s already March and this is my first post this year, it seems that resolution went the same way that the lose-those-last-five-pounds, go-to-bed-by-midnight-on-weekdays and sign-up-to-take-Spanish-classes resolutions went …

Well, whatever, who needs new years resolutions, anyway! This year, I’m making March resolutions and kicking off the first day of March with a new post. So check out my new column for Seventeen magazine about how to save money for spring break!  There are tips for saving cash on your car, clothes, video games and more!



Just saying hi!

19 Sep

Hi guys!  Just wanted to give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to.  I’m the new money columnist for Seventeen (remember spending hours pouring over that mag. when you were younger?!) and for, this fab new website for brides-to-be.  Anyway, my first Seventeen column comes out in the Dec/Jan issue, and my first two posts for are already out:

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!  Oh, and for the most-up-to-date info on money-saving tips for women, follow me on Twitter at @cateyhill.


Debts to consider NOT paying off

10 Sep

Ladies, don’t go telling your credit card company that you aren’t paying that sky high bill (who you, spend thousands at Tory Burch?!) just yet.  This article isn’t a roadmap to deadbeat-dom.  If you can pay off your debts, then do it!

But, for the thousands of people that simply can’t pay all their debts no matter what they do, this article is for you.

3 smart(er) ways to raid your retirement accounts

31 Aug

OK, let’s get one thing straight: you shouldn’t raid your retirement accounts unless it’s an emergency.  And ladies, let me just go ahead and define “emergency” because rest-assured some of you will convince yourselves that the beach trip to the Caymans or that ski trip to Aspen (you just had to escape your boss!  had to get a tan!  had to show-off your new fur-lined snow hat!) is an “emergency.”  They are so not … Emergencies are things like keeping a roof over your head (and no, that roof need not be a swanky loft!), keeping food on the table (um hello, basic food, not your “food” allowance from those martini olives), paying for health care that your insurance doesn’t cover or other basic life needs.

So what happens if you have a real emergency and the only way to get money to help pay for it is from your retirement accounts?  In that case, follow the information in this piece to tap into your retirement accounts responsibly.  Click here to learn how to do it (my new piece for Smart Money).

Blah, blah … excuses, excuses: Here’s what I’ve been up to

31 Aug

Reason #110 I NEEDED that vacation

Um, OK, despite my promises to post more often on this blog, I have (admittedly) failed miserably.  But, in my defense, I was busy getting my new job – as a reporter at – and taking a much-needed vaca (BTW, what is up with the just 2 weeks of vacation a year? Half of that I spend with my family during the holidays – love them, but so NOT a vacation! – and that leaves just ONE week to do what I want, which with the crazy pace of life these days has – sadly – been to sleep, albeit after going out to grab a few martinis!)

Anyway, enough of my excuses.  Now that I’m back in the groove of writing about money every day, I’ll get much better about posting on the blog.