10 things your boss won’t tell you

1 Mar

It’s no coincidence that B-O-S-S and W-O-R-K are both four-letter words. I mean, let’s face it, waking up before 10 (for any reason!) is so not fun, and doing it only to then get told what to do by someone who shouldn’t be allowed to manage his own wardrobe, let alone a group of employees, is even worse! (OK, I know most of you don’t have it that bad, but even for the ladies with those amazing jobs in fashion or TV, the getting out of bed – hasn’t your boss every heard of sleeping off the occasional martini hangover?! – and having to do what you’re told can be sooo annoying!)

Well, guess what:  It gets worse. Turns out, your boss is doing some rather, um, pesky (and by “pesky,” I mean horrible, cruel and beyond-irritating) things like reading your IMs, paying prettier women more than the average-looking women and secretly taking all the credit for your work.  And that’s just the beginning.  Check out my new Smart Money piece, “10 things the boss won’t tell you.”



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