Blah, blah … excuses, excuses: Here’s what I’ve been up to

31 Aug

Reason #110 I NEEDED that vacation

Um, OK, despite my promises to post more often on this blog, I have (admittedly) failed miserably.  But, in my defense, I was busy getting my new job – as a reporter at – and taking a much-needed vaca (BTW, what is up with the just 2 weeks of vacation a year? Half of that I spend with my family during the holidays – love them, but so NOT a vacation! – and that leaves just ONE week to do what I want, which with the crazy pace of life these days has – sadly – been to sleep, albeit after going out to grab a few martinis!)

Anyway, enough of my excuses.  Now that I’m back in the groove of writing about money every day, I’ll get much better about posting on the blog.


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